The HY01K. More Standards than Options.

Offering a unified solution that protects your assets from internal and external threats while providing the latest tools and monitoring as well as secure business and crew telephony solutions. Athena Security keeps Cyber Security at the forefront of everything it does, as such, our products conform to, and go beyond the latest IMO requirements.

Cyber Security

Sophisticated Next Generation Layer 7 Firewall and UTM.
Network segregation
Bandwidth optimization how you need and want it.

Enhanced Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention

Advanced Intrusion Detection and Monitoring system, providing real-time notifications.
Automatic alerting to new devices connecting or disconnecting with the networks.
Constant auditing of networks and monitoring by our CNC systems.

IoT Support

Monitoring of IoT networks at the IP interfaces
Able to optionally build extended monitoring and alerting to 3rd parties, as required.


Crew and Business voice communications over Secure and encrypted channels.
Security methods ahead of industry standards
Soft and Hard phone provisioning, onshore connectivity to allow optional cost free calling
Global DID’s available.

Active Directory Security

Business networks can be built and secured by Active Directory practices and procedures
Standardised and fully adaptable to suit your vessels domain and network needs.
Standard File server availability to all AD users and groups, according to policy.

See our detailed specifications and options available on the HY01K.

What standard security should be.