We supply Satellite Communications, mainly for ships and shipping companies. If it’s the hardware to make a satellite connection, the airtime to transmit, or the systems to use at either end of your connection, we can help you.
With many years of experience in shipping communications, we have a wealth and breadth of knowledge that will enable you to realise your communications strategy.

We have designed and implemented Satellite systems for vessels, yachts, very remote workers and even the occasional mountaineer and explorer!

If you want simple voice communications or a complete system that allows you to connect remotely and manage all your vessels IT administration, then we can help you.

We specialise in systems that give the user as much flexibility as possible, whilst allowing ‘components’ of the systems to be changed to take advantage of market forces and technological advancements.

We have a passion for what we do.

We like to think about what is possible, what is practical and what the current systems and technology can support.
Then we think about you, the user, and how you are going to use the systems on your fleets and get the best out of your communications.